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The Pinnacles @ Cervantes, Western Australia

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Where to go in Perth? The Pinnacles at Cervantes, Western Australia! On our road trip back to Perth, we dropped by The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are limestone formations within Nambung National Park with some of the tallest weathered limestone pillars reach heights of up to 3.5m above the yellow sand base. Read on for more!

Same as the Kalbarri National Park, the entrance fees to Nambung National Park costs $13 per car. Holiday Park Pass for $48 per car is available too to entitle for multiple entries to as many parks as you wish for any four weeks period. 

Once here, a scenic walk or drive trail winds past the ancient limestone pillars of the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are scattered across the desert in their thousands, creating an eerie, alien-like landscape. They are all in different shapes, some finish in a jagged point, while others have rounded domes, resembling tombstones. Just like the clouds in the sky, it's all up to your imagination! 

What surprises me is that these Pinnacles are all made up of shells, which date back millions of years to an epoch when the sand was beneath the sea. These shells were broken down into lime-rich sands that were blown inland to form high mobile dunes, where we got to do sandboarding at Lancelin

The Pinnacles desert is huge, so parking bays are provided at various points along the one-way drive for those wishing to stop and explore the fascinating Pinnacles Desert on foot. The time we went was full of tourists so we tried to look for the area with less tourists, hence, better photographs! 

Overall we spent about 2 hours there which is more than sufficient in my opinion. Since there is no shelter out at the pinnacle desert, try going in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching hot sun! If you are on a road trip to Kalbarri as well, then it's good to stopby The Pinnacles! 

The Pinnacles

Stay tuned for more Perth posts! 
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