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Buffet Featuring Durian Desserts @ The Wembley Hotel Penang

Henry Tan | 10:50 AM |
Yes you see it right! Now you can enjoy the creamy durian delicacies at Wembley Cafe together with their delicious buffet spread! Throughout the month of July, both Buffet Lunch and Buffet Dinner from Thursday to Sunday will be featuring durian desserts!  

The buffet spread offers both local and international cuisines with a wide array of selections from Asian Tapas, Seafood on Ice, Action Kitchen, Japanese Delights and many more. So starting with the Seafood on Ice where bae and I enjoyed eating the prawns, oysters, mussels, scallops, as well as snow crab. Be sure to squeeze some lemon and add a few drop of Tabasco sauce for a different taste! 

As for the appetizer, The Wembley Hotel offers Sashimi, assorted Sushi, cold cuts, pizza, salads and different types of cheese. After so many years of buffet, Bae and I usually only go for those we really like, such as salmon sahimi with the dipping of wasabi mayonnaise, as well as the soft and creamy Camembert cheese.

The chef at Wembley Cafe amazed us with the Durian Sauce they prepared to go along with those fried food, particularly the Deep Fried Mantou. We usually dip the Mantou into those thick sauce like Chilli Crab, but surprisingly it matched perfectly with Durian Sauce too! Of course you can dip the sauce with satay too if you are feeling adventurous like me! 

Moving on to the sumptuous main dishes, some of the noteworthy ones such as the Greek Chicken Couscous (for low carb people like me), Slow Braised Lamb Short Ribs, Mantis Shrimp with Kong Po Sauce, Wok Fried Prawns with Oat and Shanghainese Salmon Fillet. Roasted Lamb Leg is available too where the chef would help to cut the portion you want. 

Lastly for the durian themed desserts, the creative chefs at The Wembley Hotel prepared Durian Cheese Cake, Durian Cheese Tart, Durian Swiss Roll, Durian Dumpling, Durian Creme Brulee and even Durian Pengat! You would be astounded by their creations! 

Overall, given it is the season of The King of Fruits, this could be another great way to indulge in the silky smooth and creamy flavour of Durian too! 

St Giles Wembley Hotel Penang
183, Jalan Magazine, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

For reservation, call 04-259 8123

Happy eating!
Till then! ;)

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