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Buffet Featuring Durian Desserts @ Cititel Penang

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Calling for all durian lovers! It is the season of Durian again! Getting bored of the typical hotel buffet? Then make sure you check out Cititel Penang, as throughout the month of July, you can enjoy the hotel buffet with added durian desserts. 

Thanks to the invitation, bae and I got to try out first hand on their buffet dinner on a Saturday night. As usual, let's get it started with the appetizers prepared by Cititel Penang. Assorted salads with various dressing and fruits Rojak are all available. But if you followed our blog long enough, you would know....

We would directly skip to Seafood on Ice and all the Sashimi! Yes, prawns, oysters and salmon sashimi are the ones that we definitely would not missed. Assorted sushi are available too but no rice for me as I'm on a low carb diet! 

Apart from the cold chilly salad and sushi, hot soup and all the grilled food are being served at the Action Counter too. Tomyum soup and Tomato soup are up to choose to kick start your appetite. Cititel Chef will be ready at the Action Counter to prepare the Satay as well as grill the lamb and chicken for you too.  

Moving on to the main courses, a total of 10 fusion dishes are up for grab. Some of the noteworthy ones are Roasted Duck, Grilled Prawn with Garlic Butter, Stir Fried Beef with Thai Basil, Roasted Lamb Leg and Kaeng Som Salmon Head. 

Up to here, all still seems quite common right? Well what about Spaghetti on Parmesan Wheel! How often do you find this Parmesan Wheel in a restaurant, let alone included in hotel buffet in Penang right? Given that bae and I are cheese lovers, surely we were surprised to see it there and amazed by the preparation of it. 

*this is the carb that I am willing to sacrifice for!*

Apart from the main courses and the spaghetti, Cititel Penang also offers a Prime Rib with a blend of comforting fresh herbs arrived on trays with accompaniments such as Yorkshire Pudding and roasted potato wedges. 

Here comes the highlight of the buffet - Durian Desserts! Starting with the Must-Try Durian Cake where the fluffy sponge sandwich well with the layers of rich and creamy durian cheese. Durian Cream Puff is another specialty where the fragrance of durian would instantly wow you after taking the first bite. Some other durian desserts that worth mentioning are Durian Cream Cake, Durian Tiramisu, Durian Creame Caramel and Durian Mousse Cake.

Overall, if you are a durian lover and looking for a buffet lunch or dinner to go, then Cititel Penang would be a very good choice. Given the buffet priced starting from RM63 nett per adult, I think that's very affordable too!

Main Street Cafe @ Cititel Penang

66, Penang Road,
10000 Penang.

For Reservations:
(+60) 4 370 1188

Till then! ;)

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