Monday, September 17, 2012

Stuffed Crab @ Tong Juan, Kemaman

Henry Tan | 9:39 PM |
Well, after the Hennessy Artistry @ KWC, KL.
I went to Cherating and Kemaman for a 3D2N getaway!
And actually Cherating and Kemaman is quite near.
So the first lunch would be the famous...

Stuffed Crab @ Tong Juan, Kemaman

I found it through the internet.
The so called "Must-Eat-in-Kemaman".
Starting with...

2 Tiger Prawn with Garlic - RM25


Stuffed Crab - RM8/pc

I thought it is something like Pucha (Thai Food) whereby Pucha is dry.
But it is soft and moistured. The fillings are kinda plain too.
Perhaps Penangite like me is a little more "重口味" (heavy taste). >.<

Garlic Fried Vege (菜旦) - RM6

Again, the gravy a bit tasteless for me despite all the garlic on top.
Maybe they need oyster sauce and make it smooth using cornflour.

Not hard to find along Jalan Sulaiman (on the right).

Tong Juan Seafood Restaurant
K-117 Jalan Sulaiman  24000 Kemaman

Quite a small shop though.

With a lot of newspaper cuttings. 

Well, honestly I think they are overrated.
And the price definitely doesn't worth it.
I wonder why they still got a lot of customers.
Some even ordered take away. =.=
Maybe they are tourists just like me.

Upcoming with more food and nice beach!
Stay tuned! =D

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  1. Haha the tiger prawn is expensive but very big le!

  2. i think you should tualang to try the prawn! LOL. cheaper. :-P

  3. I dined in tong juan oso when we went to awana kijal dat time n tried their stuffed crab oso. nothing special oso..

  4. The stuffed crab looks interesting, never been to kemaman thou :p

  5. really not that interesting?? Hm, I wonder, how much it will satisfy a BORNEON SEAFOOD LOVER like me.. :p.. If it didn't satisfying u much, so I don't expect any good from them.. :p

  6. Kemaman? You went to Trengganu? Oooo...I would love to try the stuffed crab! Slurpsss!!!!! Not turned on by the prawns...too big = too hard, not as more expensive.

  7. Look yummmy esp the stuffed crab.

  8. Seafood for Choon Xin again, tsk tsk tsk ~ Haha XD

    By the way I also heavy taste type person, five !! =P

  9. I prefer the shop beside it. and the last shop has pork:P

  10. wow you having a holiday...envy
    well maybe it is a tourist price ..

  11. Heard that stuff crab is a must at Kemaman~

  12. yes, u r right. Basically, I only go there when I have guest from other place


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