Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recipes: Mini Meat Floss Spring Roll

Henry Tan | 10:25 PM |
I guess this is one of the common Chinese New Year snacks!
And guess what.. is not hard to do at all! =D
I'm gonna show you step by step!

Just wrap and fry!

Show you the outcome first. =p

And here are the steps to do it! =D

Step 1: Place the meat floss at the corner of the square spring roll wrapper. 

Step 2: Roll it up!!

Step 3: Fold the two sides into the center.

Step 4: Continue to roll it all!

Step 5: Use egg white to glue it together!
Try to make it all the same size!
(p/s: requires skill to do the same size!!)

Step 6: Fry it! Make sure the oil is hot enough!
Stir it once a while to prevent sticking together.

Step 7: Place it on layers of kitchen towel!
You will be surprised how oily it is!

Step 8: Keep in container!

All done!

Very simple right?
Try doing it! =D

Till then. ;)
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