Monday, February 4, 2013

Samsung EX2F Night Photography Workshop

Henry Tan | 11:10 PM | |
I was being invited by Nuffnang to the Samsung EX2F Night Photography Workshop.
And this is rare as Nuffnang rarely got event in Penang.
So how can I miss it right? =D


Samsung EX2F!!

Tadaaaa! We were given one each... (for few hours only TT)

Starting with the basic!

The workshop mainly teach about Night Photography!

Which EX2F is the most suitable one!

Well, according to the trainer...

7.30pm to 8pm is the golden time for awesome scenery photo!

Hence, we started to try! =D

To reduce noise.. ISO were set to the lowest since it is not too dark yet.

The only variable is playing with the shutter speed!
And you can clearly see the difference!

Longer shutter = more light absorbed = brighter! 

Ofcourse.. you will need a tripod!

Basically it is something like that! =D

Seeee! Nice? =DDD
The reflections and the lightings.

This one a bit overexposed but I like it! =D
Like in a dream! =D

Then the trainer also taught us this... 

Light trace! I'm sure most of you familiar with this.

Well, very fast 3 hours gone.
Time to say goodbye!

Personally, I think this is quite a basic class.
Like an introduction training to those beginners.
I guess it is fruitful to all their attended customers.

While for me...

I have to give it back again. TT

Well, if you like to take night scenery or leisure..
This could be a good choice!
It costs RM1,600 retail price!

Head over to Samsung EX2F to find out more! =D

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  1. uwah! awesomeee! get to learn photography! :D

  2. These things, you need a lot more practice to use them to your advantage.

  3. It's nice to attend this kind of workshops. Guess the last part is the saddest....

    1. haha yuppp im sure u attended a lot of workshops.

  4. Lovely these sessions as they allow us to learn the basics that comes in handy.

    This camera is among the few that we're considering for me to get for my lazy days:D

    1. hahaha wahhh serious? you pro photographer wor. =p

  5. Aiyak need to bring tripod out >.<

    1. im lazy to bring along tripod too. i wish someone invent a really small and portable one. haha

  6. how good if you get to keep it. can touch but can't bring back.


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