Saturday, March 2, 2013

Charcoal Burger @ New York Pizza, Penang

Henry Tan | 6:12 PM |
Probably the first Charcoal burger in Penang!!
Always saw people posted about those in KL.
Fret not...

Penang also got Charcoal Burger now!! =DDD

And it's HOME-MADE some more! =D

Now promotion period - RM10 per set!
Set includes Soft drink and fries.

Chicken Charcoal Burger.

Beef Charcoal Burger.

Their environment quite nice too! Retro style!

Fried Platter - RM19.60

BBQ Wings - RM5.60 (S) RM10.50 (R)

Sweet Thai Wings - RM5.60 (S) RM10.50 (R)

Cheesy Garlic Bread - RM8.00

Thin crust! Special!

Baked Macaroni Carbonara - RM12.80

New York Pizza!! 
of course must try the pizzas too!

BBQ Chicken - RM21.00 (R) 8 slices

Chicken chunks, onion, pineapple, Mozzarella cheese & BBQ sauce

Beef Pepperoni - RM21.00 (R) 8 slices

Beef Pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese & BBQ sauce

Tuna Delight - RM23.00 (R) 8 slices

Tuna, green pepper, onion, pineapple, 
Mayonnaise, Tomato sauce & Mozzarella cheese

Marina Island - RM25.00 (R) 8 slices

Shrimp, crabmeat, pineapple, Mozzarella cheese & Thousand island sauce

Personally I like this the most! =DDD

4 regular pizzas shared by 7 people. SUPER FULL! >.<

11am - 10pm, closed on Monday
Tel: 6046584640 , 010- 387 3737 , 010 398 3737

Go try it nowwww!! =DD

Till then. ;)
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