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Pizzaiola @ Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang.

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Anyone heard about the newly established Lot 33 in Penang? Well, there's a HIDDEN GEM in that old Prangin Mall building! Lot 33 is situated at the sub-basement level of Prangin Mall, where Giant Supermarket previously located. That place is gonna give you a WOW reaction, as it gives you a totally different aura as compared to the whole building.

From the doors, floor, ceiling to the lights, when I first stepped into Lot 33, I wondered if I went into a 5-star hotelLot 33 is mainly for foods and beverages, currently operating restaurants includes Italian restaurant PizzaiolaImperial Chinese Cuisine Restaurant and Saffron Cafe

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Pizzaiola @ Lot 33, Prangin Mall, Penang #iblogmyway
It was 1st day of year 2015, Henry Darling excitedly brought me to Lot 33 to have our new year lunch at the Italian restaurant Pizzaiola (we're Italian food lovers :D), which he discovered when he paid a visit to that Chinese restaurant few days ago. Pizzaiola is an Italian word meaning tomato sauce made with oregano. The restaurant  is well-furnished with rustic country design with dimmed lights which enhance the entire dining experience. Pizzaiola serves pastas, risottos and pizzas.  

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Interior Design of Pizzaiola Italian Restaurant #iblogmyway 
I would say their foods is more to Japanese fusion style, as they added Japanese elements such as Unagi in their Italian cuisines (Well, we're Japanese food lovers too :D). Because unagi is his favourite and salmon is mine, hence we ordered Carbonara Unagi and Salmone Affumicato Pizza.

Okay, let me show you the foods!

Here it comes, my Salmone Affumicato Pizza! It topped with smoked salmon slices, onion slices, avocado & mozzarella cheese. The pizza comes with standard 8 slices, and you think we cannot finish it? 

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Salmone Affumicato Pizza - RM 25.80
The pizza was CHEESY! Yes, I love cheese but all we could taste was cheese and it was a bit over salty to our liking. The smoked salmon was overpowered by the cheese, we could hardly taste the salmon. Okay, the good part is, the Pizzaiola is generous in putting the smoked salmon slices on the pizza! Also, the dough was soft and the thickness was just right :)

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
The Mozzarella Cheese was melted to perfection! #iblogmyway
Henry Darling was happy to see the cheeselicious pizza! Don't be shy, say CHEESE! :D 

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Henry Darling <3 #iblogmyway
Okay, we can't finish that portion of pizza with just the 2 of us, but we can always take away and continue to eat later-on. Surprisingly we could taste the smoked salmon after the pizza turned cold, weird huh. Overall, the pizza was above average although I would expect to taste the creamy avocado too.

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
My candid shot! :D #iblogmyway
Unagi + Carbonara? This is a brave combination, and the brave Henry would always give it a try (he loves new ideas). He said the portion is smaller than he expected, the carbonara spaghetti was very creamy and rich of mushroom aroma, the unagi was good too. However, to him, the richness of the carbonara has overpowered the unagi, Perhaps he is just too into unagi, (hahax :P) I like the creamy and rich taste of the carbonara and the spaghetti was al dente!

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Carbonara Unagi - RM 18.80 #iblogmyway
Not to forget, Pizzaiola is so thoughtful that they give complimentary tacos with salsa dip to every customer before the ordered meals are being served.

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Complimentary Taco & Salsa Dip #iblogmyway
The salsa dip was a bit too watery to Henry Darling liking. And this is what I told him "Hey? This is complimentary :P"

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang

We were both so full and were satisfied with our new year lunch at Pizzaiola! There's no service charge and government tax, you just need to pay the exact amount stated in the menu of Pizzaiola. Furthermore, the car park of Prangin Mall is flat rate! (only RM 2 on weekdays; Friday, weekends & public holiday = RM 3) You can hang out there as long as you wish, or maybe walk to 1st Avenue Mall for movie! (this is what we did that day :D) 

Do check out the Lot 33 in Prangin Mall and share this new hang out place with your friends and family, I bet many of them are still not aware of this hidden gem! :D

**Our 2nd Visit to Pizzaiola - Invited Food Review!**

We got to the chance to try out more foods, in fact most of the foods in the menu on our second visit to Pizzaiola! There were 7 of us including other bloggers, so Henry Darling and I don't have to worry about unfinished food (as they are quite the big eaters =P) 

Alright! Let me start with the Turkey Bacon Stuffed Potato. This is my all time favourite dish! I'll order this whenever I see this in the menu (provided there're people to share with me). Luckily I finally got to try this out here on this time. You can see the baked potatoes is fulled of ingredients, I like the thick cheese and crispy turkey bacon, it would be perfect if they served with sour cream!

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Turkey Bacon Stuffed Potato - RM 9.80
If you like chicken wing, you will like it. Henry Darling likes their chicken wings, he said it was juicy and the skin was crispy, it tasted great with the chili sauce. (sorry, but I don't eat chicken wing >.<)

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Chicken Wing - RM 9.80
Pizzaiola Classic Caesar Salad was came at the right time, before we started our heavy dinner on that night, as we need some veggies to balance-up our diet (self-consoling =P). Frankly speaking, we love Caesar Salad, but we personally think this salad was just average.

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Classic Caesar Salad - RM 10.80
I thought Pizzaiola serves Japanese fusion cuisine, but I guess I was wrong, it should be International fusion. Pizzaiola offers Mongolian King Prawn Pasta too! This pasta was slightly spicy, if you like spicy stuffs and you are a shrimp lover, then you gonna love this. Good news! You can get this pasta at half price (RM 19.90) on every Monday!

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Mongolian King Prawn Pasta - RM 39.80
Gamberi Arrabiata actually means angry prawn in Italian, which indicate this pasta served with hot-spicy sauce and prawns. The 3 prawns were fresh and succulent, and believe it or not? It is priced at only RM 15.80, very economical price!
Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Gamberi Arrabiata - RM 15.80
We tried this Carbonara Unagi on our first visit to Pizzaiola. I still love it this time and I actually think it tastes better than the first time. Henry Darling feels the same way too, he changed his view on this, and said this is absolutely YUMMY!  =D

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Carbonara Unagi - RM 18.80
Baked Risotto with Unagi is risotto with baked with Unagi, teriyaki cream sauce and mozzarella cheese. We think this tasted very similar to Carbonara Unagi, so if you prefer rice over pasta, you could try this. With this kind of good taste and the big piece of Unagi, it is definitely worth the price!

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Baked Risotto with Unagi - RM 20.80
Okay, I understand that some of you might not like Unagi, but don't worry, you could try their BBQ Chicken Risotto -marinade chicken with BBQ sauce, saute shitake and button mushroom into risotto rice. This risotto was flavourful and the chicken was tender and juicy.

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
BBQ Chicken Risotto- RM 16.80
Pizzaiola Pizza is the special made large pizza which consists of 4 different flavours namely Teriyaki Unagi, Spicy Seafood, Beef Pepperoni and BBQ chicken. The portion of this pizza is really huge and is enough for 6 persons. This pizza were served after the risottos and pastas, we were all so full at that time, as we had already eaten so many foods.   

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Pizzaiola Pizza - RM 48.80
The best part to order this pizza is you get the chance to try all 4 types of different flavours at once. Some are spicy; some are sweet and some taste salty, you can see from this picture, all of them are... yes, CHEESSY(oh, how could you dropped my lovely Unagi -.-)

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Cheesy Pizzaiola Pizza #iblogmyway
It is true that there is always room for desserts! Although we were so full, but when we saw the desserts, we still couldn't help but dig-in. Warm chocolate lava cake is always the perfect match to cold vanilla ice-cream. The sweetness was just right and if you don't like those very rich chocolate flavour, then you will like this.

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Lava cake - RM 15.80
Last but not least, of course we need to try the popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert Tiramisu at Pizzaiola Italian Restaurant. So this is how their Tiramisu looks like =)

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Tiramisu - RM 8.80
While we were enjoying our foods, Aaron, the manager of Pizzaiola walked around the restaurant and performing the fun ways of tossing pizza dough. What a feast for our tummy and eyes on that night =D

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang

Pizzaiola also serves good coffee with coffee art, I like the bear coffee art the most, but the cup is a little small, so here are the beverages we had that night!

Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Hot Mocha - RM 7.90 / Hot Chocolate - RM 6.90
Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Hot Chocolate Mint Bear - RM 12.80 (half price on Saturday -RM 6.40)
Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Ice Chocolate - RM 7.90 / Ice Tiramisu Latte - RM 9.90
Pizzaiola Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Penang
Mango Blended - RM 10.90 / Grenadine Lime Booster - RM 10.90
So, that's all for our food review! Our night were ended with satisfied taste-buds.
Go try out if you haven't! =D

33-SB-01 Prangin Mall, 
Jln Dr. Lim Chwee Leong,
10100 Georgetown Malaysia.

Tel: +60 4-250 5501

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