Sunday, September 26, 2010

Different Stages

Henry Tan | 1:29 AM |
Two people that started at different stages can never end in the same stage. Right?

This statement has proven right to me for many times.

For example(case of a friend of mine):
The guy likes her, she just treat him as a friend.
The guy loves her, she just treat him as a good friend.
The guy is tired of loving her, she only started to like him.
Finally, she starting to give in her real heart, but the guy gave up.

Why life can never be like those happy forever after?

Cheer up ya. =)

How do you think about it?
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  1. people at different stages will never end at the same stage but if either 1 of the side willing to slow down and wait, i guess they will end at the same stage, living happily. cheer =)

  2. I like the first comment.


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