Sunday, September 26, 2010

Men Wear Make-up too.

Henry Tan | 10:50 AM |
Nowadays men do wear make-up too!Women are no longer the only one who care about their beauty.

However, the recent study shows that 3 million men in UK wear make-up!
Yes, 3 million!
I never thought it would be that much!

Thanks to male celebrities!

"Male celebrities are seen wearing 'manscara' and 'guyliner' and everybody thinks it's normal." 

Soon, it would be a trend.
Everybody would be following it!

We do always have wrongful perception to man that wear make-up:

"They are gay!"


Just because it is ridiculous, does not mean that it is not right to do.
Just that they are becoming as aware of their appearance as women.

"So guys, would you? =D"

Source from Daily Chilli.
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  1. As a female, I'm not a big fan of guys wearing make-up, celebrity or not.

  2. then u would love this parody video by Dear Ryan, about how to wear a make-up XD


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