Friday, September 10, 2010

She's Out of My League

Henry Tan | 12:17 PM |
This is a one nice movie that must watch!
Especially for those guys that lack of self confidence.
This is like a dream come true movie! LOL.

She's a SOLID 10 while I'm just... uhmm.. 5?

Most of the time, when we saw someone that is too perfect or too good, we tend to lose confidence, at least I do! =X
Just like in the movie, the guy with the attractive scale of 5 meeting a TOTAL hot, sexy, smart and successful girl which is a SOLID 10. 

How can a 10 go for a 5? 

Yup. That's the question we would ask!
Errr.. We means me and those guy with low self confidence. LOL
People around or even the devil inside ourselves will start bla bla bla.
"She's too good for me?", "I can never be with her?", "癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉!"
"She's out of my league!"

And also the movie shows the part where the guy compare himself with the girl's ex boyfriend.
In reality, it does happens too!
People always compare compare and compare!

At the end, of course, happy ending!

So lesson learn? 

If she likes you, you are a 10 even if you are just a 5. LOL
So just take whatever chances you have without thinking too much! =D

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  1. yesss nice movie lol! watched it too few months back.. :D try Expendables is awesome!

  2. missed it...going to download to..haha

  3. I heard this somewhere,"Never be a 10; leave at least 1 room for improvement."

  4. shumeen.. yup! =)

    yvonne.. yes! i watched ad. damn yeng! too bad bruce willis and arnold just came out a while! all the action stars!

    k~^|n.. u shud! =D

    nona... yup! hahaha. but those scale are really undefinable.. since different ppl will have different scale! lol

  5. ahahaahah I wanted to watch this but never got the chance!
    Lol...and I hate to burst your bubble but I think the guy is hot.

    STILL, all my exs are nerds and geeks so I guess that must say SOMETHING right? XD

    It's true by the way what you say = )


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