Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gold Coast Sepang, Bagan Lalang

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"Who says Selangor got no nice beach to go?"

Den maybe you are wrong. =D
So far as I know, Morib and Bagan Lalang. 
Went both for quite a few times too! =p

To me, seems like the new Morib is not as fun as it used to be.
Bagan Lalang seems nicer but less crab! less windy!

Sepang Gold Coast


No sun. 

 Palm Beach Resort

 The room rates are super expensive!

The waves are not strong.

Little crabby! =D

Not so little actually. haha

the beach quite wide too.

See! wide enough to play! =D

Panaroma view!

crabby holes. 

Isn't it like fireworks? =D

The sun still hiding in the cloud.

 Caught quite a few crabs inside bottle. =D

 Dead crabby

Dead jellyfish

 Crabby and Jelly fish. RIP!

crabby holes! =D

 Sting ray shell?

Finally the sun came out!

 orange sky!

 Not many people.

Who left the trail behind? =p

Not so sunny eh?!

 Bottle of sand! 


I'm like big ape or smtg! =.=

See wei and Yan yee

Not many people visiting.


Panaroma of the seaview.

 Panaroma of the street.


A bit weird.

We are trying to buried her.

 See wei and me.

lol. what was i thinking?

Rainbow ice cream and rainbow kite! =D

Trying to fly the kite! =D

Looking for something...

Me and yan yee.

The restaurant there.

Time to go home! =(

Within a month or two went to 4 beaches. =.=
Maybe I miss beach a lot! =D

This beach outing marked the end of the semester. =)
Nice knowing a lot new friends and closed friends. =)

"Beach can be really fun! "
"If you wanna go next time, find me! =D"

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