Saturday, October 2, 2010

How True is This?

Henry Tan | 12:41 PM |
I need some opinion please! 
How you think about this? 

the best way to stay close
to someone you love
is by being
just a friend.

How true is this?

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  1. yeah i agree. being frens can stay closer as there's nothing to worry about. =)

  2. interpretation:

    The reason they choose you as a friend is as how you are already. Try to do more, and you might suffocate or annoy them. Try to do less, they might think you stopped to care. So in the end, just be the friend they choose in the first place:you.

  3. mae lynn.. haha. hmmm.

    nona.. good interpretation. which means there's no lover that transform from friend? lol


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