Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Got New Darling AGAIN! =D

Henry Tan | 10:35 PM |
Yup! You heard me! 
I got another darling! =p

First, let me describe her again. 
Don't worry, this time for REAL!
No more TVB actress! =D

Well, I know her for quite some time ad. 

She slowly steal away my soul.
The joy from the heart is indescribable.
 Is this what they call love? =D

Hahahahahhahaha =DDDDDD
Yesss!! I think is LOVE! =DDD
Hehehehehhehe! XDDDDD
 Yes. I am serious!
Not TVB actress anymore.


My darling...
Her name is... Yvonne...

 Yup! That's her! =p

 Isn't her smile so sweet! =D

She's hot too! XD

Well, she is the main actress in Chuck, American TV Series. =p
Has been watching for a long time! =D
And now Season 4 is back! Whoots!
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  1. (-.-;) after this, is your real darling happen to be an actress, it's going to be hard to believe ...

  2. nona... how i wish my real darling could be actress. =p but at the same time not also, since celebrity's life is so much complicated.

    fatin shahar.. haha. sorry! =p


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