Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outing @ Pantai Kerachut (Video)

Henry Tan | 11:33 AM | |
For a boy grew up in Penang like me, 
beach is one of the nicest place to be at!

I really enjoy myself at the beach,
for the breezy wind,
for the waves sound,
for the salty smell,
for the awesome scenery...

The combination of all is just so...

"Relax and peaceful!"

"So please stop the pollution okay? =)"

For more photos, please visit my previous post.

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  1. I love relaxing next to a beach. The warm gentle breeze with occasional cool air blowing across the face. The fine grains of sand below the feet. I'd sure would love to go to a nice beach to do that.

  2. i like this! :D
    what about for a girl grew up in pd like me~ XD
    really like to relax and enjoy the breezy wind, waves sound, salty smell, awesome scenery...
    That's the nature! XD

  3. kelvin! yup! that's the nicest thing to do!

    chamy.. haha. i shud go PD one day! hope it wont disappoint me. =p


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