Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Henry Tan | 6:02 PM |
I realized that I got serious problem for my memory.

"I am super forgetful!"

Okay. Maybe I should give you a scale on how worst it is.

"Ermm... I forgot who is in my foundation class? =X"

I forgot their names, especially those that are not so closed.
Even those that are closed but did not contact for sometime, will ended up the same! =(

So here, my blog, I wish to write down all the memories while i still remember.
Especially those special moments with friends. =D

"I will start writing about 
the friends i met in last semester! =D"

oh yes, i forgot to say...

"thank you...
new friends and old friends...
for a great semester!"

stay tune! =D
you will be up next!
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