Monday, November 1, 2010

Disaster Relief and Rescue Operation(DRRO) @ Hutan Lipur, Sungai Tua

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Went to this camp last weekend.
I thought I would not join any events anymore.
Anyhow, something or someone changed my mind. =)
Somehow I felt good after going the camp!

"Meeting new friends just feel so right!!!"

My name tag that VAD B did for me! THANKS! =D

The entrance!

You need to pay to go in! Cheap tho!

The nice flower! =D

The road into the camp!

The hanging bridge!

See! =D

Our own letter box! =D

The tag with the letter box!

Too bad, no one feed me anything! =(

We manage to see how the SMART team rescue!

Their equipment!

 Went to the Wholesale Market! VERY BIG!

We have to buy food for mass cooking! =D

This is my second time for this event already.
Somehow both also have different feelings.
The only similar thing is that...

"I enjoy for the three days!"

Super tired though. 
Don't know why. 
Maybe this time just sub-com, den have to do all those small small things! LOL =X

"Events can let me run away from reality sometimes! =)"

Nice meeting all the new friends though! =D
More photos coming soon! =)
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  1. Agreed, although tiring, events like this is almost a runaway vacation. We didn't realize how much we forget the busy work life temporarily.

  2. yup nona!! =D so wad society u join?


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