Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's Freeze @ MMU Cyberjaya

Henry Tan | 5:38 PM |
Ever wonder what would happen if...

"You could just pause for 5 minutes in your life?"

Well, that might not be happened in real life...
But IET MMU Cyberjaya is bringing you...

"Let's Freeze!"

Why Freeze?
To remind everyone how important it is to take a deserved break every now and then.
"What's the hurry? Take a break!"

How to Freeze?
To Freeze yourself stationary and motionless for 5 whole minutes altogether at the same time same place!
"Cool huh?"

When and where?
9th of November 2010 (Tuesday)
MMU Cyberjaya

"I am joining!
Everyone is joining!
Are you? =D"

Join here.
*Let me know if you are interested! =D*

Let's FREEZE the campus! =D

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  1. wakakakaka~~ MMU loves to play gila things~~ yeng~

  2. Ahhhh!!!! so interesting!!!!
    If I don't have work...
    Just IF I am not working...
    I will join for sure!!!!!!!!

    ah... anyway, all the best to you Henry!!
    Good Luck!


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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