Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drunkest Night

Henry Tan | 12:54 AM |
Yes. I mean it.

"The drunkest night ever in my life."

For stupid reason though.
Proven that people do stupid things when they can't get over something.
Somehow, it got me realized that how far i would go.
And crazy night like this definitely is over my limit.

Opera, Sunway

Small stages for dancing girls.

Put your hands up!

Share by 4 persons. =.=

Okay. I would like to clarified that...
  1. I am not a clubbing kaki. *like seriously!*
  2. I don't smoke and I don't really drink.
  3. I don't go there find girls. =.=
Lol. So, don't misunderstand me again.

Somehow, that night was really drunk.
I let myself loose and just be wasted as much as i could.
Felt sorry to my friends that have to take care of me.
Perhaps, they probably would be shocked to see the different me. LOL.

"Hopefully no more next time. =)"
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