Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prosperity Banquet, CNYE @ MMU Grandhall

Henry Tan | 4:53 PM |
Not my first time, but probably would be my last time.

"Somehow it would be my last dinner in MMU?"

The first time I went to support my friend.
This time I went to support my friend also.
But both definitely have different feelings. =)


Some of the deco.

The door. LOL

 Quite nice the deco at the entrance.

 My table's friends.

 Opening ceremony with gong.

 Started off with Lao Shang! =D

Then some of the usual dishes.

 This is not usual! LOL

Great! Prawn! I cant eat! =.=

To me, going dinner is for this only! hahaha

With Junaid, the future datuk! lol

and also Prof Tou, VP of MMU =D

I like the drawing on top! =D

RM35 for a dinner like this probably people would think twice.
But at the end, it depends on your purpose of going.
Personally, RM35 is okay for me.
To meet friends, support friends, and of course, CNY dinner with friends! =D

But the feeling this time, is definitely not the same as previous.
This day two years ago, I met someone special.
What about this time? LOL.

"Happy Chinese New Year?"

Oppsss. Too early I guess. LOL!
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