Monday, February 21, 2011

Ocen Restaurant @ Tanjung Sepat

Henry Tan | 11:40 PM |
Was supposed to go with some friends,
but ended up go for the birthday celebration for another friend. LOL
Well, wanted to go for a long time.


Fried Oyster! 


Prawn soup or smtg! LOL

Claypot taufu?

Salted egg crab!

Kam Heong Crab!

Fried Sotong


Not forgetting, red wine and pretties. =p

As you can see, the crabs were not big at all! =(
The tastes were all so so only!
So, I won't say this is the best.
But at least fill up my stomach with seafood. =)

Taste: 7/10 (Normal! Not as good as I was hoping)
Price: 7/10 (13 - RM240)
Environment: 8/10 (Beach view! beside lover bridge)
Service: 6/10 (The lala only came after we finished everything!)

Ocen Seafood Restaurant,
Tanjung Sepat.
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  1. bad time to visit here during lunch n i have lousy food -_-"

  2. glow.. i tot could help u gain ur appetite? =p


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