Monday, February 21, 2011

B'day Celebration @ Morib, T.Sepat & Gold Coast

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Yep! Birthday celebration at the beach.

"Oh wait, should be beaches! LOL"

We crazily went to 3 beaches in a row!
Starting from Morib for the sunset view,
Tanjung Sepat for the seafood dinner,
finally, Gold Coast Sepang for the fun! =D

the sun was going to set in no time! =(

we were late.. =(

they were heading to beach..

and having fun themselves.. lol

while they both were watching.. lol

and i play with my hermit crab.. LOL

their group photo without me.. =(

seafood dinner at Ocen Restaurant..

See their expression! LOL

the moon was nice!

the two models. LOL

 they were too hungry! =X

 Meet the new friends.. lol

then.. celebration at Gold Coast Sepang! =D

Nice? =D

the 3 birthday girls.

of course, we got cake for them! XD

handmade present!

such a nice beach!

my wish on the flying lantern! =D

ready to go! =D

 There it goes! XD my first ever!

The girls playing fireworks..

lastly, the one with me inside! =D

Started to mix with them more often throughout this semester.
I have to say...

"They are crazy people! LOL"

Each persons with their own special characteristics,
binds together that makes up an awesome group.

I sincerely appreciate the laughters they brought to me. =)

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. =)"
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