Wednesday, March 2, 2011

15 years ago...

Henry Tan | 8:24 PM |
If you read my blog, you would read about what I did 10 years ago.
So again, do you remember...

"15 years ago..."

Where were you? What did you do?
Well, I am going to share with you,
what I did 15 years ago. =)

Yup! I was 6 years old, studying in Methodist Kindergarten! =)

 and this is my report book... LOL
and... I didn't know i used to be...
"a little talkative and playful at times!"

wait... what?!?!

 I never know that!!! LOL!
no wonder now people complain that I'm talkative. =.=

 and.. I'm not a smart student either... =(

"Average" - Simple Conversation
"Average" - Comparison

while everyone else get "Good"!

and.. check out my height and weight! LOL

Height = 117, 120
Weight = 20, 22

In 15 years of time, I became...
Height = 183
Weight = 68

Increment of 63cm and 46kg! LOL

"What about you? 
What did you do 15 years ago? =D"

Well, make sure you do something great now!
So that fifteen years ahead when you look back,
you have something to be cheerful of. =)
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  1. LOL interesting..
    u still kept ur report card? -.-
    that is so cool :)

  2. wow, still keeping your report card. 15 years ago - busy building my career to be where I am today.

  3. OMG! That's so cute.. and OMG again.. u r so TALL!!!!!

  4. fatin. haha. mum keep it for me. haha. yup! next time im gonna show my kids or even my grandchildren! LOL

    Nava.K. lol. wow! good! means u did something great!

    merryn. haha. i bet u will keep ur kids's also right? =D

  5. I was an undernourished little kid back then LOL with good results muahaha!

  6. Skinny pig~! But is ok. You're alright now ;p

  7. You really keep your treasures

  8. So many stars!! I was a bully victim in kindergarten.. :(

  9. Careen. haha. wow! thats good! den make sure u are still the smart or even better kid now. =p

    Tshiamo.. how u know im alright now? =.= im stil skinny ler!

    nona.. haha. ofcourse! good thing must keep =D

    catherine.. hoho! ofcoz! =p

    qiaoxin.. awww.. why so pity! u didnt bully balik? lol

  10. you can join 183club already..

  11. Funny post! 15 years ago I was 13 years old and never heard of blogging before! =)


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