Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Event @ Suffolk House, Penang

Henry Tan | 3:28 PM | |
My lucky month started with this awesome event!
I was lucky enough to be selected to this event. =DDD

Probably you would be thinking...

"what's so special about test drive?"

Well, can't you see the VIP word? =p
So yeah, it's for VIP only. XD
Of course, VIP not just by the name.
Check out the photos....

Suffolk House!  

The entrance! 

We were actually the first one to arrived. =.= 

They even got video recording. =.= 

 The environment really nice.

You can even choose to sit outside. 

They prepared breakfast for us too. 

Simple but nice. =) 

We are actually the youngest there. =DDD 

Started with the talk. 

By this pretty lady. 

Then we have to answer this paper for marks.
Specially thanks to Gerard, Robin and Seewei for providing me answers thru fb! LOL 

 Even the outside also looks nice. =D

Stay tune for the next part! =D
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