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Charcoal Buffet Crepe Krabi @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

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Recently charcoal crepe has become the latest trending snack in Thailand. You will see quite a number of posts on this all over this social media. Thanks to darrenb3 Youtube video, we got to know that they have one in Krabi too! So we had a try during our 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016! 

Charcoal Buffet Crepe Krabi @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Finding the location of the store was not easy as it is located somewhere between Aonang to Krabi Town. Given tourist like us that are not familiar with the place, we somehow still managed to reach using the coordinate given by darrenb3 thru Google Map

Google Maps coordinates: 8.082948, 98.893469

Charcoal Buffet Crepe Krabi @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

You can try to located 7-11 and also Panatda Pharmacy which are at the same row as this Charcoal Crepe stall. As Charcoal Crepe is just a small stall at the road side, you might want to drive slower once you get near to it. Another small stall with attractive signboard "ChaPayom" is right next to it. 

Charcoal Buffet Crepe Krabi @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016
Charcoal Buffet Crepe - Sweet (79 Baht)
We reached there around 5pm but there was already a small queue. But it seems that making the crepe takes some time too! You need to fill in the order form and pass it to them. However, as I couldn't read Thai, the order form (all Thai wordings) was a bit disaster for me. Luckily she was friendly enough to use simple English to ask what I want. Basically, we knew that we would go for the Charcoal Buffet Crepe, the word Buffet means add in all ingredients

Charcoal Buffet Crepe Krabi @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016
Charcoal Buffet Crepe - Salty (79 Baht)

We ordered the Charcoal Buffet Crepe with both sweet and salty type. Yes, there are even two types of Charcoal Buffet Crepe for you to choose! Sweet one was using all the sweet ingredients such as marshmallow, honey stars, Koko crunch and many more! While the salty one was using all the standard ingredients such as cheese, ham, sausage, seaweed, corn and so on. What caught my attention was the FISH ROE, I supposed it's Ikura (salmon), as it is bigger in size and orange in color!

Check out the making of Charcoal Buffet Crepe (Salty)

The Charcoal Buffet Crepe was quite a big portion and definitely enough to be shared by two person. The generous ingredients were way too much that we can barely eat properly without spilling any of it. But do take note to eat it right away as you want the crepe to remains crispy and the crepe tends to stick to the paper plate when it gets cold. Overall, we like it but probably we will try with lesser ingredient next time! 

Charcoal Crepe Krabi
11am - 10.30pm
+66 88 790 0520

Meanwhile, check out our Youtube video too!

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