Friday, October 21, 2011

DRRO Flag Drawing @ DRRO

Henry Tan | 1:22 AM | |
Yup, DRRO 2011/2012 is here again!
Probably my last time before I graduate. =(
Well, in case you don't know.

DRRO = Disaster Relief and Rescue Operation

One of the major event of Red Crescent (RC).
Like the name, basically teach us how to handle with disaster situation.
and flag drawing is just part of the small activity before the camp! =D

Well, this is my third time to go for the camp.
Each time go as different role, and this time.... photographer! =D
So obviously there's no flag for me. TT
But anyhow, I used to be VAD B, so yeah I took photo with them!
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  1. suituapui, haha the event is on next weekend. =)

  2. Looks like a cool event, Henry! I wish to be in the Red Cross when I was in school & this post reminds me of those days :) Have fun!

  3. so nice! cant wait to see those photos!

  4. blackswan, thanks! =)

    Charmaine, yupp! indeed!

    camy, soon soon! =DDD


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