Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cow Farm @ Kundasang

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In case you haven't read the full schedule of my trip, click here. =)

A quick question.

How many nipples does a cow have?

Count in the photo below! XD

Count from the "sucker" easier huh? =p

Yup, 4! 

Went to cow farm with the weather like this. =.=

You can hardly see where the cows heading to!

 From the food to the poops.

by the cow of course... 

 we were actually like city people go into kampung. =X

Fun~~~ =D 

Kinda creepy that the cow stalking us! LOL

As we reached there around 5pm, the farm is closed.
So we could only see from the outside.
No milk to drink either. =(

But it is a good experience to see dairy cows. ;)
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