Friday, October 14, 2011

Lunch @ Round Inn, Poring

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Before entering Poring hot spring, canopy walk and butterfly farm,
we had our lunch just opposite of the Poring Hot Spring.

Well according to the van uncle, Poring is a small town in Ranau.
It is quite difficult to find a Chinese restaurant.
But here it is.....

I swear I will make you hungry! LOL

I actually allergic to prawn, but facing this...... 
Tempting isn't it?
"Eat first, think later!!!"

Normally it is just meat right? 
Well, they mixed with fish! *i'm fish person*
Kinda nice! =D 

Another thing is that their veges....


Personally I like this kangkung very much!

Usually people will cook with sambal (Ma Lai Feng Guang),
But this! they just cook it plain! 
Don't need sambal or balaccan to make it tasty!
Again, dont be fooled by how it looks!
It wasn't old and hard to chew!

Too bad the fried rice and the soup got 3 ingredients that I dislike!

Green peas, carrot and jagung!!!

But all in all, it is still a delicious meal! =D

Taste: 7.5/10 (Satisfying!)
Price: - (Not sure as it is included in our package)
Environment: 7.5/10 (Not bad!)
Service: 7/10 (Normal!)
Average: 7.3/10

Round Inn Restaurant,
(Just Opposite the main gate of Poring Hot Spring)

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  1. I think I've been there before! Food was good. And you did make me hungry. *stomach growling* ;)

  2. aah ! I don't like the trio also ! Green peas, square carrot and jagung ! Nice pics :D :D Really make me hungry :P

  3. I hate the dried veges too. green peas, jagung n carrots!!! can't they just use fresh veges?!

  4. Isaac, opps! =X

    Michleong, opps! =X

    Shuwen, yay! *high5* =D

    Emeryn, lol dried veges easier perhaps! imagine the extra work they need to chop it into small pieces


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