Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gerai Pekan Nabalu @ KK

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Well, I have to say in KK, some of the place takes time to travel!
One good example: Kundasang!
It takes around 2 hours of drive to reach Kundasang! *super tiring*
So you gotta plan well to drop by somewhere in middle!

"Gerai Pekan Nabalu!"

Maxis damn pandai to put their bunting! =.=

One of the place that you should stop at.
For what? Fruits, souvenir and scenery! =D

What fruits?

Let you guess, where did Spongebob stays at? XD 

See the big pineapple there?


 Yup! the pineapple are fresh and sweet! RM2 only! =D

What souvenirs?

 Handicraft! T-shirts! 

Cheapest price I get for your reference: 
I love KK Full Cotton - RM17  
Keychains - RM12 for 10
*buy more will cheaper of course*

and keychains!!! =D

What scenery?

Mount KK lahhhh!

Bad timing!

Well, it is very much depending on the weather.
And bad luck for me, I didnt get to take photo with Mount KK. =(
But guess what?! I saw something else there!

Movie shooting there! 
But I don't even know who the hell they are. =.=

Pekan Nabalu is really a good pit stop.
You could go for a leak and walk around there. =D

There's a lot of stalls.

So take your time to bargain! =D

Personally I think the weather is like girls, unpredictable!
So just go and see your luck! ;)
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  1. now only knw spongebob is living in pineapple house...haha

  2. I have been to this place before 2 years ago and I really love KK so much! I saw that the tower has changed to purple color. Wow... But still, I like the original brown color.

    You can check out mine which is 2 years ago :)

  3. Whuasai.The pineapple is super cheap !!And the baby milo shirt very cute lorh !*i'm org utan*

  4. always wanted to go to sabah but no chance T.T

  5. KK is a nice place! But after staying in a big town for so long with places like 1Utama and Curve 15 minutes away, I don't think I can last long in a small town. Haha. Nevertheless, it is a good relaxation place. Especially the beach and quiteness of the town. Just that to get from one town to another, it's quite far. lol

  6. usually u only can see mountain
    during early morning be4 9
    & u din find me~


  7. applefish, u applefish wor, u should know where spongebob stay mah. =p

    curryegg, lol really? yeah, purple is an odd color. =S

    queennie, haha aiyo, u tell me earlier i buy for u mah. =p

    wilee, got chance one, plan one! =D

    mich, exactly! good place for vacation, but settle down? gotta think twice! lol

    tingfeng, oppps! i tot you didnt go back?


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