Friday, October 14, 2011

Upside Down Windows Display @ How to Prank

Henry Tan | 5:12 PM | | |
Credit to Emma, I came up with this post. =X LOL

So yes, ever prank on someone?
No? Now here is your chance!
Let me tell you how!

Step 1: Find a victim!
Any random one with computer or laptop!

Step 2: Press "Ctrl + Alt + *any arrow you want*"!

 Ctrl + Alt + Left

 Ctrl + Alt + Right

Ctrl + Alt + Down

Step 3: Wait to see his/her reaction and LAUGH!

Go try the 3 steps now!! XD

Of course, in order to make it back you just have to....

Shout "Back to Normal!"
Nahhh, just kidding!

You think is i4s mehhhh?!?! LOL

Just press Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up

Lastly, obviously this is not just for prank.
Sometimes it could ease your work!
Just like making ur netbook or laptop as a book to read!

Ahhh, nevermind, forget about it!
Nowadays people use iPad already! =.=

So yeah, enjoy pranking! =D
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  1. OMG Henry!!! So efficient of you!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDDD I LIKE!~

  3. Henry, I tried..but no changes :(. Any settings we must change before doing?

  4. hahahaha..someone did that to me before in office!!!

  5. Don't work on my computer also :|

  6. LOL. I tried and I can prank my colleagues tomorrow. XD

  7. How does it work? No changes to my laptop after pressing CTR+ALT+arrow. =/

  8. Emma, haha! of course! =D

    Eunice, u try ad? haha

    Nor Liana, haha yeah it depends, not all pc/laptop can play like that. perhaps u could try those pcs in mmu. =p

    Emeryn, ops! den how at the end?

    MichLeong, too bad then! go try on others!

    cutebun, LOL how's ur prank on ur colleagues?

    mabel lai, oppps! no fate! try on other! =X XD

    ken, not sure about that. try on others! LOL

  9. try it on desktop nothing happen :D haha


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