Thursday, December 8, 2011

STOMP 2011 @ Plenary Hall, KLCC

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Okay, let me guess.
Your first question would be...

"What's STOMP?"

"STOMP is unique musical theatre of choreographed percussion, movement and physical comedy, with shows worldwide. "

Okay, perhaps pictures will be better.

Yup! They are superb! =DD

I went there to work as usher! =D 

The ushers. =D

One of the task: Stand there welcome people! XD

 See! Got me = got crowds! LOL =X

The merchandise counter. 

Selling all these. *expensive* =.=
Programme : RM30
Cap : RM25
Lanyard : RM15
T-Shirt : RM50

 The stage. =D

Well, no one can actually take photos or record video of the performance.
So too bad, can't share with you all how awesome it is~!!!
And one good thing of being the crew....

 Can take group photos with all of them! =D

During my 2 days of part time, I get to watch 4 shows in total! 
And guess what, the ticket isn't cheap at all!
Cheapest student price also RM78! =S
So yeah, kinda worth to work there! =DDD

Well, and so they continue their world tour.
Hopefully when they come back again, I will be rich enough to go. =p
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  1. oh, they got offer student price also. so good. since you are a staff there, can watch for free?


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