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My first question to you.

How do you fight against inflation? 

Well, I have a set of answers that usually answered by people at my age.

"What is inflation?" 
"So what? I don't care." 
"I'm aware of it, but a few percent is too little to concern about it"
"Wow, my money is depreciating!" (but still do nothing about it)

So which answer closes to you? =p
Or maybe this?

Well, let me tell you my story.
At age 15, I started to know what is inflation.
But I said to myself: "Doesn't matter to me, since I got no money."
At age 18, I started to buy shares.
And I said to myself: "I have too little money to concern about inflation."
At age 21. I started to be unit trust consultant.
And I said to myself: "I'm not even working yet, where to find extra money?"

So now, I am 22 and I said to myself.

"It's time!"

But in fact, I've procrastinated  for 7 years since 15 years old.
Did the inflation waits for me? No. =(

So last question for you.

It's time for you yet?
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  1. Economics a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money:
    policies aimed at controlling inflation
    tax allowances and excise duties were increased in line with inflation
    a reduction in annual inflation from 84 per cent to 7 per cent
    [as modifier]:
    high inflation rates
    source - oxford online

    i still don't get what's inflation LOL

  2. Yes it does. Salary will never raise in par with inflation. Money is losing value.

  3. Well, I think. I'm not gonna win that.. ha ha ha..

  4. lol. Inflation is just hard to face it. Everyone have that problem and it makes the poor getting poorer.

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  5. wah so deep punya post...Inflation affects everyone, it's just a matter of how you let it affect you. spend less, or more? :p

  6. Priscilla, inflation means that your money is depreciated. in other word, last time you could buy a cup of milo at RM1 but now u need RM2 to buy one. =)

    Sherrie Pui, well, perhaps time to think about investing with your savings. ;)

    Aki, why not? just do the right investment. ;)

    Meitzeu, yuppp. but at the same time, rich becomes richer, and that's because they know how to use well with their money. ;)

    Choulyin, lol yeah, someone told me there are only two types of people do not get affected: the dead people and the crazy people. LOL

  7. sadly salary rise never equates inflation. but i think we just have to cut our cloth accordingly and still enjoy life despite inflation:D


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