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Hokkien Mee Cham Loh @ Sungai Ara Market

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Good morning everyone!
It's odd for me to post in the morning.
But I'm going to share my thoughts about breakfast.
First thing first, my breakfast is....

Hokkien Mee Cham Loh!

Not many people would know about this, perhaps just northen region of Malaysia or just Penang.
You can hardly find Hokkien Mee Cham Loh in KL!

Dapau back from market, so bad appearance. =(

It is actually a mixture of Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee) (Red) and Loh Mee (Brown black).
In Penang, you could easily find stalls that selling Hokkien Mee together with Loh Mee.
Because we love mixing it together to eat! =DDD

After I stirred it. 

It consists of noodles, beehun, taugeh, quarter of egg, small prawns, kangkung and slices of meat.
Personally, chilli plus garlic is a MUST-ADD!
As you could see, the ingredients not much yet delicious to eat!

Simple can be nice too!

It is just like life.
Keep things simple and live life happier! =D 

The soup would sticks with the noodles!

Good thing about Loh Mee is that they add in the starch to make it sticky or waxy.
With the mixture of Hokkien Mee, you will be able to taste the "slippery" noodles.
And all the noise that you could hear would be...

Slurrrrrp! Slurrrrrp! Slurrrrrp!

Are you hungry now? XD
Well another thought for you.

Want breakfast? Go earn it!

In fact, every meal of each day I would make it this way.
If I wanna eat, I have to accomplish something.

For example, this morning...
I have to wake up early to jog to market to buy myself this breakfast!
Like they said,

You would only appreciate things 
that you earn it yourself.

For me, its a win-win situation!
I get to exercise and yet I get to eat!
A good motivation for me to accomplish things! =D

How do you think? ;)
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  1. Although the appreance quite er....
    but I'm sure it taste wonderful! :) You made me saliva drool.


  2. owh u call it hokkien mee cham loh? we call it hokkien loh straight :P. anyway, u know lip sin? there got nice one :P

  3. I would love to try that! I only had Hailam lor mee in Penang once...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It is really good.. n i love the taste...
    We got it at PJ Seapark O&S Restaurant and it call Loh Har mee....
    Besides that you could add "Pai Kuat (Spare Ribs)" as well..
    yummy yummy yummy....

  6. Yes I am hungry now!!! grrr! I had that in one of the food court in USJ. Nice Nice=)

  7. meitzeu, thats my purpose! XD

    luporti, not far, 10 minutes walk i think.

    camy, yup i know! but not sure which one u saying?! the food court there?

    suituapui, where u had it?

    比比, glad that u like it! =D

    nikel, hoho! =D

    simple person, really? i didnt know that! Loh Har Mee, haha special name indeed! yupp im sure with pai kuat the soup taste sweeter! here would be chicken feet haha

    jessy, hoho! mission accomplished! XD

  8. OMG!!! i miss this!! will grab it when I'm back!!! sluuuurrrppp!!!!!!!!!!

  9. SO yummy.. Is my choice of that!


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