Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Thick Book @ Career Life

Henry Tan | 7:56 PM | |
While a lot of my friends are busy studying for final exams...

I got a lot to study too! =S

Not for school exams though..
But rather for my work!
May I present you the...

International Standard!

Super thick right?
It's even thicker than my notes back in Uni!
So yeah, like they said...

Life long learning huh?

Well, hopefully I can still finish it asap!
After all, who doesn't want to be a pro right? =D
So one day, I'm gonna be a quality pro! *start dreaming* LOL
Cheers people! =D
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  1. *thud* did u just hear me fall? that's me fainting after seeing ur thick book...

  2. Adoi!!! Poor thing! And you thought after graduating, you do not need to study anymore eh? LOL!!! Well, a journey of a thousand li starts with the first get cracking! Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. that book?? wey, make a softcopy and you can search for that info everytime you need em.. plus, double save, typing make you reading while you're actually collecting the data and save it.. Welcome to the working life and.. ehem2.. when is your first payday?? :D.. ha ha ha..

  4. One can never escape from study life eh. Life is a long learning process. Goodluck.

    -- the hotel room cost approx. 400- depending on peek season/type of room.

  5. Good job. Check out the Six Sigma. Its a brilliant strategy developed by Motorola and is widely used by many companies. Its beyond organisation management matters...


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