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Standing Egg? Li Chun? Myth Busted!

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I believe most of you same as me!
Seeing everyone posting eggs in Facebook etc right?

I highly doubted the prediction of exact time at 6.22pm!

And I bet most of you just follow and have a try right? =p
Well, there's no harm to try!
But how many of you actually go find out the reasons?

Why the egg stands?

Well, I do.
I'm the person that will ask you 10Qs for your one statement.
*I'm scary and I know it*
Before that, let me tell you a little about Li Chun.

" Li Chun is the official first day of spring 
which usually falls on February 4 or 5
- quoted from wikipedia.

So here are some of the information I found. =)
1. You can balance an egg at any day of the year.
Probably because you never try it on any other day so you assume it could only happen at Li Chun.
According to Martin Gardner,

"if you are convinced that an egg will balance more easily on a certain day you will try a little harder, be more patient, and use steadier hands. If you believe that eggs won't balance on other days, this belief is transmitted subconsciously to your hands"

And of course it is also been proven by experiments from people around the world.
They try it on any other day and the egg still could stands.

They can even balanced it at the short ends!

2. The egg can stands because...
This is a little tricky and complicated.
As till now, there's no particular theory that can totally proven the mechanism.
However, there are many explanation been made which you could check it here.
But one thing for sure, there's nothing to do with the date.

"Gravitational andelectromagnetic forces, in particular, 
are considerably weaker and steadier than the disturbances 
created by the person's breathing and heartbeat." 
- quoted from wikipedia


Well, there are some of my friends who can't make the egg stands either. XD

So moral of the story:

You will achieve when you believe!

In fact, it is like that, isn't it?
When you believe yourself, you will do it with all your heart.
When you do it with your heart, you will be determined and patience.
That sums up to a successful achievement. ;)

End this post with a motivation song for you readers. =)
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  1. Oh? The last time I heard, you can make eggs stand when there is a solar the force of gravity is blocked. Dunno, I'm not a science person so I'm a goondoo at these things.

  2. I tried many time... cannot lo... My believe not that strong???

  3. we tried it last year. i failed miserably (no idea why) while the rest of my designers were successful.

  4. My friends tried it before, but me.... no... or not yet. haha :D

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  5. You can join Mythbusters already! XD

    Tried it last year, but no luck. Other family members succeeded though; it was fun, lol. Didn't try this year though. =/

  6. camy, nope! how abt u? haha

    suituapui, haha but from what i read, it says that the influence is not much difference. haha

    soulesscloudy, hahaha! MAYBE! u gotta keep trying!

    fish, haha keep trying!

    missyblurkit, be patience! keep trying! u can do it! lol

    meitzeu, why dont you go try? haha

    laura, i love their shows weyyy! keep trying! haha

    bengbeng, try again! =D

  7. The egg probably stand due to

  8. Thank you very much for sharing information that will be much helpful for making coursework my effective.


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