Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lay Hua's Wedding @ Red Rock Hotel

Henry Tan | 5:59 PM |
Been really really busy!
A lot of things pending to post!
So start with the wedding I recently attended.

More like a gathering!

She's my senior during the Internship in AMD.
Ohya, in case if you are interested in my internship in AMD. =p
Interesting toilet in AMD
My geared up costume in AMD

So she actually reserved two tables for us! =D

And we got chance to meet back all the other interns!

Trust me, we got bigger group than this!

3 interns that under 1 supervisor!

I will let you do the guessing! ;)

Then ended up chilling with beer. 

Pretty much that's all!
Ohya, btw, it's my first time to attend friend's wedding.
I guess....

I'm stepping into adulthood! 

Getting older! Sigh!
And I also start thinking when would be my turn? LOL

Will you attend? =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. Congrats on you friend's wedding :)


  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I will attend. So when is you turn? Send invitation, quick! LOL!!!

  3. you wanna get married soon? :PP

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  4. If it's nearest, sure Bro.. :D.. ngehehehe.. as long as I'm invited.. :p.. get married fast bro.. :D

  5. once started, many will comes...lol I mean the wedding dinner invitation :P

  6. Marry earlier better. Guys who settled down earlier can focus in their career. =)

  7. haha, invite me then i will sure attend! =D

  8. Son, when you marry, make sure it is held in KL. I don't wanna fly to Penang just to attend ur wedding :P

  9. Haha! Funny right? My friend's wedding also turned out to be like gathering more :D


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