Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recipes: Seafood Tom Yum Spaghetti

Henry Tan | 11:47 PM |
This time is recipe for spaghetti also!
But special a bit, the sauce using Tom Yum! =D
And with my favourite....

Seafood!! =DD

Sotong! =D

Wash thoroughly to clean off the black ink.

Big Prawnssss! =DDD

With butterfly cut and removal of the legs.

Sauce = Tom Yum + Tomato + Minced Meat + Garlic + Red Onion

and some love! =DDD



Yum yum! ^^

Quite simple also.
But big prawn is kinda expensive. TT
So why not you try yourself too? =D

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  1. wa liaooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i have that next time?

  2. 你最近很喜欢煮东西吃ho?

  3. tapao laaa. lol. next time i back in Penang you bring for me amakn. xD

  4. You cooked? Clever boy!!! LOL!!!

  5. whoa!!! so rajin ar??? mmmm... look spicy and delicious expecially the squid..

  6. Can go masterchef dy liao :P Tomyum spaghetti, very fusion indeed HEHEHE

  7. You didn't clean the skin of the squid? o.O

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