Sunday, December 16, 2012

XPlay 2012 @ Room, Penang

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Hello party people in XPlay 2012 at Room, Penang!
The first thing playing in my mind when I arrived there...

Turn up the music~~~
Turn it up loud~~~

I need it in my life yeahhhh~~~!!

The XPax booth at the entrance!

We even get to take a polaroid instant photo.

Then our free flow of beer.

We went early while no one is there yet.

And my mind start to play this song...

Where them girls at, girls at~~~
Where them girls at, girls at~~~
So go get them, we can all be friends~~~!!

Then the party started with....

DJ Jerryca Misty! From Malaysia! She's so cute! >.<

So many girls, where do I begin~~~

Some male dancers..

Playing with fire performance!

DJ Crystal Q from Taiwan! She's so cool! =D

Then sexy lady performance! Woohoo~~!!!

Seduction! =DDD

Then the laser guy!

Last but not least....

DJ Amelyyyy!! =DDD

Then after that is all about...

Don't stop the party~~~
Don't don't don't 
stop stop stop the the the partyyyy~~!!

Met Constance & Emily. (Photo taken from Constance! TQ! =D)

With bloggers & their friends! =D (Photo taken from XPax)

Get to take photo with DJ Jerryca Misty! =DD (Credit to Constance too!)

Souvenir to take back home. 

So yeah, thanks to XPax and Nuffnang!
We had a great night!
Please do more events in Penang! =D
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