Friday, December 21, 2012

Me & My Colleagues @ Agilent

Henry Tan | 9:53 PM |
Today is the last day of work for 2012 in Agilent.
Company will be shut down until new year. =D
And trust me, time's moving fast!
I've been working in Agilent for 11 months!

11 freaking months!!

And I feel like I was just graduated not long ago. =.=
Anyhow, these 11 months were really meaningful.
So let's review back! =D

in the beginning...

met them in a party during my first weekend of work!

7aste Hong Kong @ 32 Mansion Penang

They are the party people! =D

And always makan beramai-ramai! ^^

Not just makan, but always take photos too! =DD

The "One "Can" make a Difference!" event. 

Sing-K session! =D

Liam's Farewell & B'day @ Redbox Gurney

Celebrated colleagues birthday too! =D

Ohya! we went to Koh Lipe together too! =D

3D2N Koh Lipe @ Thailand

The first day I got my baobei ipad! 

Celebrated birthday again. =D

Nasi Tomato @ Batu Lanchang

And even colleague's wedding! =D

Visit to colleague's kampung too! =D

Company team building!

Red Day Part 1 @ Agilent Teambuilding

Then we participated in the Merdeka photoshoot!  =D

and we got 1st and 3rd price!!

we used the money to treat the whole department! =D

went to eat with counterparts from US!

Went to clean Gurney together! =D

Birthday + Farewell for Uncle Loo.

Then celebrated my birthday! hoho! =D

and party non-stop! =D

XPlay 2012 @ Room, Penang

X'mas gift from Janette! =D

CY's wedding dinner! =D


Let you see my sexy back! hahaha

Guess which one is mine?! =D

Well I believe there's more to come.
But I would like to express my gratitude to all of them.

Thanks for being an important part of my life. =)

Treasure those time. ;)

Till then. ;)
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  1. A really great year indeed! Such wonderful memories and more to come!! From an ex-agilent kaki.

  2. You're taking up a new job? Or long break till the new year? Not going anywhere? Come, come to Sibu!

  3. Shut down? You means close down or what? Anyhow, seeing you have wonderful time with your colleagues remind me of my previous job. Happy New Year to you, Henry!

    1. hahaha company shut down means year end holiday. i guess it's a common term to engineering company only. haha

  4. wahh means you have holiday for 10 days? so nice!! ENJOY!!

    Latest: Thanks for being here in 2012!

  5. Replies
    1. haha dont jealous u gonna get urs soon too. ;)

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