Friday, March 8, 2013

Antongcafe Coffee Mill @ Taiping

Henry Tan | 10:53 PM |
Well, after the Charcoal Factory @ Kuala Sepetang visit,
we went to Antongcafe Coffee Mill at Taiping too.
According to the boss, they started since 1933.
That makes them the Malaysia Most Historical Coffee Mill.

Not hard to find actually.

You would see their signboard from far.

Various of coffee beans.

Packed into big bags after it is done.

So commercialized that the boss just show the video about the process.

But coincidentally that it wasn't open that day.

Anyhow, the good thing is....

Free Drink to TRY!! =DD

A lot of celebrities came before!
Even the Miss Hong Kong - Toby Chan!

I accidentally flipped over one of the bottle. >.<

and so...

I did this... LOL

I love coffee, do you? =D

Coffee is actually good for health if is not those instant one.
Of course, moderate is the best.
Remember to drink moderately! ;)

Till then. =D
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  1. Oh...u the one flipped the bottle. was wondering who pour it out. thanks for giving me the chance to snap the nice beans pic. haha...tot of stealing ur nice art work of coffee beans.^^ *wink*

    1. Haha take la take la. U asked my permission means not steal ad :)

  2. does it have like a coffee bean farm for us to visit?

  3. I don't like coffee, i tasted bitter to me :P

    1. Then dont drink black cofffee lo. Haha go for latte :D

  4. HI Henry,

    Would you mind if i share this link into the Antongcafe facebook page?




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