Thursday, March 7, 2013

Charcoal Factory @ Kuala Sepetang

Henry Tan | 10:32 PM |
Last Saturday I went for Charcoal Burger.
Coincidently, Sunday I went to Kuala Sepetang to visit the Charcoal Factory.
Got the chance to learn about...

The process of making charcoal!

Kuala Sepetang located in Perak.
Formerly known as Port Weld, after a former Governor Frederick Weld.

It is actually a river.
But probably low tides, so you can't see the water.

The tree trunks float from the mangrove swamps to the factory by the river.

Pile up all outside the factory.

This is the dome-like oven.
They call it kiln. 

So all the tree trunks will be placed vertically into the kiln.

You will see all these placing on top of the trunks.

And fill up the kiln!


"Start the fire!!!"

Let the burning begins!

The workers have to keep the fire burning thru the small door.

Full view of the kiln.

There are a lot of it in a row!

Each of it labelled with a tag.

Is good that Mr.Chuah explained the whole process to us.

One of the helper sifting the charcoal.

Big one would be placed into the bag.

While this helper is packing into bag according to the size.

Well, according to Mr Chuah...
There's no electric lights in the factory...

They are depending on this...

Any idea what is this? 

Well it is called as Kalsium Kabaid. 
In English it is Calcium Carbide.

They use it as Carbide Lamp.
 in which water drips on the carbide and the acetylene formed is ignited.

It is the same as those you have seen in pasar malam/night market.

Again.. Mr Chuah also told us that...


the liquid collected in the bucket can sell also!


Yup. According to him..
It could be used as ointment for skin. 

Well I get to see this dog too.
He looks pity isn't it? Haha

Well this is the factory.

Charcoal Factory,
Kuala Sepetang.
Mr Chuah
012-573 9563

Till then. ;)

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  1. i went there before! very smelly. and did u go try the seafood there? very yummy :D

  2. I went there before! hahaha but that time we just playing around didnt really listen to what the people said :p


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