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3D2N Jati Diri Camp @ Pulau Pangkor

Henry Tan | 10:49 AM |
Few weeks back, I attended Camp Jati Diri at Pulau Pangkor.
It is under the program of LEADER's that I'm participating in my company.
I know you might be thinking...

How old ad still go camp mehhhhh??

Day 1

5 of us are the representatives from Agilent! =D

Arriving at Pulau Pangkor! =D

Our camp! 

Quite big actually, but hidden inside a village.

Went with colleagues, meet old friends and meet new friends too! 
How small the world is! Haha!

Starting with some talks.

Have you heard about Adversity Quotient (AQ)?

Adversity Quotient is a gauge of how you responds to obstacles.

We might have very high IQ, but without EQ and AQ,
We cannot achieve anything!

And that's the camp is all about!

The trainer telling all the grounds rules.

And we start to form team!

As usual, we were assigned randomly into groups.

Most of the fingers were pointing at me...
And I was appointed to be the team leader! =D

So starting with self introduction...

As usual, we have to memorize each others name!

Then came out with group name, group cheers and group flag!

And also presented to everyone else. 

Our dirty dusty room!

It is challenging our EQ and AQ! LOL

Day 2

Time for some outdoor group competition!

Build our own raft with 6 floats, 2 bamboo and 2 wood planks.

6 persons to paddle across the sea!

To reach this island!

Then jungle trekking to the other side of the island to snorkel!

Then jungle trekking back and rafting back.

Build raft > Rafting to island > Jungle trekking > Snorkeling > Jungle trekking > Rafting back

Another challenge to our EQ and AQ! 

Treasure hunt at night!

Everyone play football before.. but what about...


Yes! No jokeeee!!

Another challenge! 

Whereby you will lose your leg hair! LOL

Day 3

Every morning we have to do this Senam-robic. 

We need to perform the dance some more! >.<
Dance is always my biggest fear as I couldn't sync my body well.

Then some teamwork game.

Quite common too! Whereby the bowl of water have to be placed on top of paper.

Then the Hula Hoop Game whereby the hula hoop have to pass thru from one end to another.

My group pretty fast yo! =D

Then the collecting water game.

And also the Untie-the-Knot game. 
We were like the fastest group to complete! *proud*

Lastly... Divide-the-Beans! 

We completed so fast that we can start to take silly poses of photos! 

Outdoor game again! =D

Simple and straightforward.

But definitely tested our teamwork! =D

We are one crazy group! haha

Our hard work paid off too. We got 2nd place! =D

The big group photo. =D

And my team photo! =D

My "Roomates" photo! =D 

3D2N camp ended very fast.
We just started to bond to each other but it's time to say goodbye.
Great to know them though!
Got time sure must jio them go yumcha! =D

After the camp, I must say it was really tiring.
But there's one thing I learn...

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!

You will never know how far you can go, 
how high you can soar!

Till then. ;)
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