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Day 5 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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In case you haven't read the previous post. ;)

So here's the Day 5 for 7D6N Taiwan Trip. =D

Summary for Day 5:
Tamsui (淡水)

Tamsui (淡水)

Free and easy starting Day 5 as we stayed in Taipei and travel around ourselves.
So Tamsui is main destination for Day 5.
We took the Tamsui - Xindian Line MRT.
Tamsui is quite far away from Taipei City as it is the last station near to seaside.

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Early morning in the MRT station of Zhongxiao Dunhua.

Quite a tiring one if you have to stand all the way to last station. TT

Seee! Can see the opposite island which I don't even know the name.

They have a lot of tunnel which is good to avoid the hot sun!

Mr.Brown coffee shop? I didn't realized that when taking this photo! >.<

Shopping mall in Tamsui! Spot Uniqlo? =D

Walking towards the Tamsui Old Street.

Boat on top of big waves?

Message to the thief! Funny isn't it!

Why all the streets in Taiwan look so niceee??

It would be perfect to have a long nice ice dream during a hot sunny day!

Cheese Pork Chop - NTD65! Yum yum! =D

Seeeee! the cheese oozing out from the pork chop!

Next one...

Ah Gei (阿給)

We stopped by this stall to try out Ah Gei!

That's Ah Gei on the left!

They usually sell together with fishball and some other food.

So this is Ah Gei (阿給) - NTD35!

The most famous dish in Tamsui and probably you could only find it there!
Ah Gei is fried toufu stuffed with glass noodles and dip in a red sauce.

They stuffed the glass noodle into toufu then covered it with meat.
Then dip the whole Ah Gei into this red sauce.
I believe the sweet and a little spicy red sauce consist of fermented toufu (toufu ru),
which makes it very appetizing! =D

Then of course fishball soup - NTD35! =D

This one stuffed with some meat! =D

Continue to walk around the old street.

Notice that interesting thing? =p

I found this! Almond Toufu!!

Almond is my FAVORITEEEE!!!

And I chose my topping to be black sesame! =D

One of the thing to try - Pork Paper!
Actually pork paper is just the very thin version of Bah Kua.

That rocker-girl so... "抢镜头"!!!
Hardly got myself in the photo...

Continue to walk around Tamsui...

And notice this...
They called it Face Opening (挽脸).
 It is a traditional cosmetic method to pulls up the fine hair on the face, 
cleans the cuticle, makes skin tender smooth.

Another specialty of Tamsui - Iron Egg (铁蛋) - NTD10

Many tourists there...

I'm tourist too! =D
In MRT heading back to Taipei.

Spot any pretty girls? lol

This is the most amazing thing I found in Taiwan!
The bus driver even came down to push her up!
I don't think if I have seen this in Malaysia?

5 levels of McDonald's! 

Cute shop name!

Cute girl posing for me to snap her! HEHEHE! =D

We had our dinner here.

They were the only shop that is still open.

Kimchi Ramen


Fried Ramen? 炸酱拉面

Pork Ramen! Yum yum! =D

Come Taiwan.. of course I will not miss out my chance to meet her! =DD

Supper nearby our Minshu.

A lot of people!!

Red Meesua! =D Yummy!
I realized that Taiwanese like pork intestines a lot!

Line toy! I have to collect those stickers one by one! >.<
Hmmm. Too bad not everyone will appreciate.

Basically whole Day 5 we spent in Tamsui!
Jalan-jalan cari makan! =D

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  1. I'm a OK lover LOL so cute la ur shirt :p

  2. So many interesting stuff to see!! I'm so jelly now :p

  3. taiwan still in my to visit list..gasp so many country to visit!gosh!

    1. lol. me too! =D taiwan consider the affordable one. >.<

  4. Hi, may I know what's the minsu name you stayed during your visit to Taiwan? or a list of your accommodation for my reference? Thanks :)

    1. sorry for the late reply. well do check out other taiwan posts, i did mentioned there. ;)


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