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32 @ The Mansion, Penang

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32 At The Mansion is well known for its fine dining.
As you know, chances for me to go is kinda low!
But really glad that I get to do food review here! Heh!

Wonder why it is call 32 At The Mansion?

The address explains everything! 
Like the name, mansion, a huge one indeed!

Right after the main entrance, showcasing the award "Certificate of Excellence".

After that, there're sofas at the waiting area.

After the waiting area is the dining room! 
The ambiance is so right for fine dining! 

Yup, they value your feedback!

Their bar reception..

We got private room for the food review! =DD

Okay.. Starting with the appetizer!

Piquant Salad with Spicy Lemongrass Vinaigrette - RM18
Seee! Even name also so "chim" (bombastic)!
Piquant = Pungent, Savory, Appetizing
Vinaigrette - french dressing, typically mixture of oil and vinegar

Well, the salad was really fresh especially the dressing that made it PIQUANT! lol
Spicy and sour definitely tickle your appetite!

Crab Laksa Lemak - RM24
*Must Try!*
Very unique right? Who would ever thought about crab laksa!
Surprisingly, it actually taste so much nicer!
Unlike Penang Asam Laksa, it was more like curry mee, sweet and spicy.
I believe the crab roe was shredded finely that it blends into the thick soup.
I love it a lot as a crab lover! =D

Fish Laksa Lemak - RM14

Not so typical fish laksa too.
Since it was added with lemak, the taste was totally different.
Unlike crab laksa lemak, you can find chunks of fish meat in the soup.
Well, anything added with lemak usually are really appetizing right!

Vietnam Pho - RM18
*Beef lover must try*
Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup 
This one was served with beef and gosh I love it!
A bowl of koay teow served with beef chunks and beef meatballs in steaming hot broth.
Sweetness from the broth, juicy tender beef chunks and the soft koay teow...
I just can't stop eating!
You can put in the bean sprouts to add in another crunchy texture too. 

Spice Marinated BBQ Chicken served with Buttered Rice Timbale - RM38
The chicken was marinated well and the meat was tender.
Even though it was BBQ, but it didn't lose its sweetness.
Really good to go with the buttered fragrant rice.

BBQ Beef Rib - RM56
Thick layer of beef rib, slowly BBQ-ed to perfection!
Extremely tender but juicy! 
So tender that it falls off from its rib bone easily.

I can only say...

It's mouthwatering!!!

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank - RM58
I'm a lamb lover and I simply love it!
Not just the tender lamb shank..
(gosh i know i keep using the word "tender" >.<)
But the puree and the portobello mushroom were awesome too!
I don't fancy mushroom, but man I gotta say..
They made it appetizing with the torch ginger and cheese as toppings!

Angus Beef Ribeye with Perigeaux Sauce - RM128
This is superb! 
Medium well ribeye topping with Perigeaux sauce.
Just nice to my liking especially the Perigeaux sauce covered the beef smell. 
And again, wonderfully tender and perfect amount of succulent fat to make it juicy!

3 Choices of sauce to choose: Black Pepper, Perigeaux or Mushroom 

Gula Malacca Coconut Ice Cream - RM6/scoop, RM11/scoop
Super yummy!! 
Nice fragrant of gula Malacca from the ice cream, smooth but not too creamy.
Peppermint gave the ice cream fresh and minty flavor.

Sticky Toffee Pudding - RM22
Very moist spongecake with the topping of toffee and served with vanilla ice cram.
The sticky toffee melted on top of the steaming hot cake..
Mixed with the cold creamy vanilla ice cream..
Feels like heaven!!!

Cake Trolley - RM14
Cake of the day complementing with sour cream ice cream.

Sour Cream Ice Cream - RM6/scoop, RM11/scoop
This was something unique to me! 
I only tried sour cream potato chips, but not ice cream!
And frankly, it amazed me!
A bit of sour, but cold and creamy.
Definitely a good dessert to end a heavy meal!

Introducing the current chef, Mathijs Nanne from Netherland.
Accompanied by the manager explaining to us all the dishes.

Personally, I think it is worth paying the price to enjoy the luxury.
Especially if is a celebration, this would be a great place!

Hello my future girlfriend, 
I will definitely bring you here! =D

32 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia ‎

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  1. i never try fine dine before :O

  2. Looks like a real romantic place to dine in and I love how the food isn't that 'fine dining' after all :D

  3. Aw! Sooooooooo romantic! Would love to visit some day......

  4. Such a lovely romantic nice place!

  5. Such a place more suitable to have western food hor.. :P

  6. This restaurant is suitable for romance seekers! Do you have recommendations for restaurant in Penang on this upcoming Valentine's Day?

  7. 32 Mansion is not fine dining, it's a family restaurant.

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