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New York Burger @ Jalan Irrawadi, Penang

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I'm sure you are familiar with this name right?
Yup! It is the same as New York Pizza @ Sungai Dua, Penang.
This is their 3rd outlets within 1 year!

New York Burger!!

Located just few doors next to Harvest In.
Not hard to find with that signboard.

Grab a magazine while waiting for your food to be served.
All are quite new and clean!

Interesting posters hanging around the shop.
Particularly I like the "Eat like nobody's watching!" =D
Obama's fans can come here snap photo with him too. 

Comfortable environment with well decoration.

Broadway - RM9.90
A simple grilled chicken patty with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.
Grilled chicken thigh remains its juiciness and tenderness.

Yellow Cab - RM12.90
Added with sunny side up egg and chicken bacons to make it more delicious!
Bacons added in a little saltiness and chewy texture.

Big Apple - RM14.90
Big Apple is like a double of Yellow Cab!
Double the chicken patty and double the cheese!
Fulfilledness double up too! =D 

Queens II - RM12.90
Melting cheese separating grilled beef patty and minced chili beef. 
Minced chili beef actually moisten the whole burger.
And Jalapeño spice up your taste bud!

Brooklyn Brawl - RM15.90
Combo of both chicken and beef patties!
Consists of chicken and beef patties, minced chili beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

Little Mermaid
Consists of seafood patty and deep fried enoki mushroom!
Good thing about food review - get to try new food!
Yup, it is not in the menu yet!
And it is super yummy!
*hope will be out soon!*

Chicken Skewer - RM13.90
The chicken was tender and flavorful with the sprinkle of spices.

Carbonara Seafood - RM12.90
Carbonara was smooth, creamy and tasteful!

Lasagna Chicken - RM12.90
The use of cheese were generous.
It is better to eat while it is still hot.

Their food presentation is definitely better.

New York Signature (Charcoal)
Charcoal burger too mainstream?
What about charcoal pizza? =D
Just add another RM2 to change to charcoal pizza!

Definitely something new to try! =D

Of course you could still choose over the ordinary pizza.

Some of the very special pizza - Chicken Calzone!

Something like a pizza but folded into half.
Filled with hams, red onions, chilies, shredded chicken and tuna?
Again, it is not in the menu yet. =p

Side dishes like chicken wings can spice up appetite too.

Especially this chili chicken wing! SPICYYYY!!

Lastly, something light.
Thin crust garlic bread.

I truly believe that the owner's direction is right.
Variety is good, but come out with something new is even better!
And I'm glad to try Little Mermaid, whereby seafood burger is hard to find.
Charcoal pizza is another new thing that could increase attraction.

Personally.. New York actually reminds me of Empire State.
Perhaps the boss should make a burger tower and name it Empire State! =D

16, Jalan Irrawadi, 
Georgetown, 10050 Penang.

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  2. The burgers are so cheap! Even the double patties cheaper than the single patty burger here!

  3. Looks good! But Penang is so far away from Johor ><

  4. I was here last week...
    also planned to post for this shop..but your photos are really attracting.


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