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Street Grill @Food Court, Gurney Drive

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Have you heard about Burger Bakar in Sungai Pinang?
Yup, now this is the second outlet in Gurney!
It is located inside of Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney!

Right infront of the zebra crossing with traffic light.

You will definitely notice the boss, Abu grilling the patties!
The name "Burger Bakar" comes from the BBQ style grilling instead of the typical one.

See the big chunk of patties? *mouthwatering*

Can't wait to be served isn't it! 

Single Chicken (Large) - RM6.50
The boss uses whole de-boned chicken thigh as the patty!
and well marinated with his secret recipes!
Juicy to the perfection!

Single Chicken with Egg (Large) - RM7.50
Can't get enough of protein? 
Add an egg with additional RM1 only!
Sunny side up on top of your chicken thigh!

Double Cheesy Chicken (Regular) - RM10
Single chicken too small for you?
Try the double chicken thigh and double cheese!
Enjoy the mouthful of juicy patties with a little saltiness from the cheese!

Double Chicken with Cheese & Egg (Large) - RM11.50
You can even add up all together! 
Big eaters! Try challenge yourself with this! =D

Single Blackpepper Mutton (Large) - RM9
Mutton lovers can try this too!
The mutton patties are all handmade by the boss.
Blackpepper sauce covers the gamy taste perfectly.
A little spiciness from the blackpepper made it appetizing!

Double Beef with Egg (Large) - RM9
Personally I think it is a bit dry compare to the juicy chicken thigh.
Maybe the patties shouldn't be squeezed when grilling.
Otherwise they might need to compensate with more sauce.


My personal favorite!

Triple Bonanza Meats (Large) - RM15
A layer of chicken thigh, 
a layer of mutton patty, 
a layer of cheese,
a layer of beef patty 
and top with a slice of tomato!
What can be better than this? 

Simply fulfilling! =D

Well, for the burger bun,
you can choose either charcoal bun or the normal white bun.
Anything can just ask the boss Abu or visit their Facebook Page.

 Street Grill - 
Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney 
(next to 7-11)
Abu - 0125711050

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