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Tourist Guide Course @ XPI Penang

Henry Tan | 11:11 PM |
Well, I know most of you would ask me the same question.
So here are all the Q&As, once for all! =D
But before that... let me start from the beginning!

Updated 15/2/2014

I got my license! 
I'm ready to serve you! =D

If you need a Tour Guide, especially in Penang,
Do contact me! =D

***Updated on 1/1/2014
My result : PASS! =D

Now waiting my license to be done then I put a photo here! =p

Q: Why will you suddenly take Tourist Guide Course?
Opportunity I would say. Thanks to my colleague, SM Tan, he introduced me to this.
If I'm not mistaken, it was under the government sponsored ASET program.
ASET - Accelerated Skills Enhancement Training.
So basically I attended this Tourist Guide (English) course for free! =D

 Q: Where did you take the course?
Well, the course was provided by Excelpolitan (XPI) College Penang.
They are in-collaboration with Berjaya Higher Education Sdn Bhd.
To be honest, I never know the existence even though I passby that place all the time!
Lesson learnt: I need to be more observant! Especially as a guide!

Q: How was the classes?
Frankly, you need to be very committed as it was 7pm to 10pm, 3 to 4 days a week!
Weekdays usually conducted in the classroom, while weekend would be outdoor!
Frankly, I skipped a lot of the classes. >.<
I only went for their one day trip once in Taiping. 

Charcoal Factory @ Kuala Sepetang

But I have to say it was fun since I'm doing something not related to my profession.

Q: Any homework for the course?
Duhhhh, it is a course, of course there is coursework!
23 assignments in total which inclusive of MCQs, short questions and even essay!
That doesn't bother me much though...
Because.. I... I... I... got good classmate! HEHE! #ifyouknowwhatimean

Q: How about your classmate?
They are awesome. And no, not just because they are the answer provider..
But, rather, they are very friendly and kind person!
See the sweets! CE gave us as souvenir after she came back from Niagara Falls.
Sometimes, some little things can make you feel sweet. Literally, it is sweets too. lol

Q: How long is the whole course?
Well, January to June for the classes. Exam on end of August.
And result probably would be out on beginning of November?
Look at the thick portfolio in the photo on top!
It was such a hectic portfolio that you need to put in lots of those documents. #ihatepaperwork

Here are some of the photos during the last day after exam.
This is truly 1Malaysia. ;)

Mae and Aisyah.

My super tall brother - Sugein.

And our beloved lecturer, Ms Chin on the right. =D

Q: Overall, how do you think about the course?
Personally, I don't really care if I pass or fail the exam. #okaymaybeido
But, all in all, I have learned so much, especially from our lecturer, Ms Chin!
At least, it was a great experience for me! 
And I truly believe I am a better person now than I was, back then. ;)

Learning is a life long journey.

And by learning, we can only keep improve ourselves.
Happy learning everyone! =D
Till then. ;)
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  1. Wah did i see the word "FREE"? What requirements do you need in order to be eligible for the FREE part? xD, i don't mind joining if its FREE :D

    1. hahaha yuppp it is free! too bad im the last batch! >.< will let u know if they have opening again! =D


  3. How I wish KK also has this kind of free course. If got, definitely I will sign up. Anyway, congratulation once again for becoming tour guide. It's always my dream job since I was small

    1. Thanks! anyway sometimes there're many opportunity out there but it takes the network to know about it. ;)

  4. Hi Henry..when is the next intake for this course..please im also interested to get the Tour Guide lesen

    1. hi kok keong, unfortunately there's no more free course. =(
      you would need to pay for around 5k, do check out XPI College for more info!

  5. Hi All ... there is a good news that the free course been opening again and the closing date on coming 30 July 2015, may hurry up for register at XPI Penang, Bukit Dumbar :)

  6. Hi all, just wondering is there any free course in KL? I m very keen. Thks.

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