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Weekend Outing With Sister @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

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Last weekend, I went outing with sister that came back from KL! We rarely catch up nowadays as we are busy with our own things. So we decided to meet up at Gurney Paragon Mall since I rarely go there after their opening last year. It is located strategically along Gurney Drive together with all the luxurious hotels. From what I know, Gurney Paragon Mall actually used to be St. Joseph's Novitiate, which was built back in 1925! (FYI, novitiate means a religious house where novices are trained )

Okay back to my outing story! Let my photos do the rest kay? =D
Let's celebrate World Book Day! Let's read more book! =D

Well, we decided to meet up at Times Book Stores because still early for dinner.
People that know me will know that I love to go book store if I get to go shopping mall.
Apparently, Times Book Stores is the only book stores in Gurney Paragon Mall and also the first one in Penang!

The first place that I would go is Magazine zone! 

Guess what's my favorite magazine? =D

Miranda Kerr? Katy Perry? =D

Muscle man? Bikini lady? Sports car? 

Nahhhh. Nope!

My favorite magazine is Personal Money! =D

Well, most of the time I would check out the bestsellers.

Or maybe the highlight.
Nick Vujicic's books are the highlight recently!
He's absolutely pure motivating!

I like how Times Book Stores is decorated with all the meaningful quotes.

Meanwhile, she's checking out the most romantic city - Paris!

They took photo with us because they thought we are celebrity? XD
Just kidding, I guess they are just being friendly. ^^

After spending some time in Times Book Storeswe went for dinner!
Gurney Paragon Mall got various food outlets to choose and we just don't know how!
So we ended up choosing the newly open, Qian Ri Ramen Restaurant.
Qian Ri Ramen Restaurant might be familiar to those staying in Bukit Mertajam,
as this is their second outlet which located at 5th Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall.

Looks like Japanese style restaurant right?

To be precise, they are actually Asian Fusion restaurant. 
The boss actually went all the way to China just to learn the authentic making of Ramen.
Qian Ri Ramen Restaurant then slowly gaining popularity among the local.
For almost 15 years since the establishment, Qian Ri Ramen Restaurant finally open its franchise.
And even though after 2 decades, they still stick to their core value - healthy first!

"Giving you a scrumptious bowl of ramen, 
that is also kind to your body!"

A very spacious restaurant at the outdoor of Gurney Paragon Mall.

Qian Ri Ramen Restaurant even have their private dining room.

Anyhow, for me I like this place the most!
You know why? 
I got best view of the swimming pool! XD *ifyouknowwhatimean*

We ordered Hawberry Tea (Right) - RM15 
Lemon Grass Juice with Honey (Left) - RM15

Starting with appetizers! =D

Octopus - RM7! =D

King Crab Meat Salad - RM18

Fried Pork with Wine - RM18

Fried Drumstick 

Qian Ri Fried Dumpling - RM8

BBQ Pork

Salad Mini Bun - RM9

Just appetizer itself already fully occupied our table! >.<

Ohya, forgot to introduce my sister's friend, Megumi and JK.

King Crab Meat Salad is one of the best that I would choose as appetizer!

And of course not to forget this fried pork with wine.
I love the cut that they chosen and how well they marinated.
Tender and a little chewy of the pork makes it memorable!

After that, we proceed with Main Course.
But by that time, I'm quite full already! >.<
So we just tried two of it.

Mix Vege Ramen - RM10 (Dry)

Spinach Ramen 

Well, generation now... all have to feed the camera first! >.<

For dessert wise... we chosen...

Sea Bird Nest with Lychee.

Tapioca with Coconut Milk.

Personally, my recommended dishes would be Fried Pork with WineSpinach Ramen and Sea Bird Nest with Lychee. A real appetizing starter, follow by a hot soup Spinach Ramen and ended with sourish Sea Bird Nest with Lychee. One thing that I have to emphasize is that their waitress is super friendly! They could recommend you what to eat and even what's the benefit of it. How persuasive is that right? =D

Go and try it! =D

Till then! ;)
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