Saturday, October 25, 2014

Camera+ Free Download Now till 16 November 2014

Henry Tan | 4:12 PM |
The popular Camera+ app for iOS is usually USD 2.99, but now you could get it for FREE.
Yes! But FREE for a limited time only! (16 November 2014)
Well, download first then only explore if is a good app for you. ;)
Read on as this is the only way you could get it free!

How to Download Camera+ for FREE?

For users outside of US:

Step 1: Change Contry/Region to US
App Store -> Featured -> Apple ID -> View Apple ID -> Contry/Region -> Change Country or Region -> United States

**p/s: Step 1 is important as Apple Store app only available in US**

For US users to start from Step 2:
Step 2: Download Apple Store app
App Store -> Search -> Apple Store -> Download

**p/s: Take note that without Step 1, you will not be able to find Apple Store**

Step 3: Open Apple Store and Download Camera+
Apple Store -> Stores -> Camera+ -> Download now for free

**p/s: App Store and Apple Store are two different apps!**

Step 4: Redeem Camera+ App and Install
Redeem -> Download & Install

Voilà! It's done!

**p/s: It will auto-switch from Apple Store app to App Store app for redeem and download**

Frequently Asked Question:
Error Message showing "Code has already been redeemed"?
Well, fret not, you just have to close both Apple Store and App Store app and repeat Step 3.
I have repeated 5 times until I got a new redeem code and it works! :D

Compatibility Requirements for Camera+:
Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.

Personal Verdict:
Personally I think that it is definitely great with more features to play with!
Especially the adjustable exposure, clarity filter and even stabilizer!
However, I would still prefer MeituPic generally.
Perhaps when it comes to scenery, Camera+ will then be on advantage!

Happy Photographing! ;)
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  1. cool apps =D I also love meitu too!

    1. haha yuppp! and look at Meitu users, 300 millions wey! no kidding! haha

  2. Looks like a nice app, Henry! Did you celebrate Halloween?

    1. hi Shirley you could try it out too! yup! u? =D


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