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Beyond Veggie @ Elite Avenue, Penang

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Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is now in PENANG!
The first and only one in Penang island just opened 3 weeks ago.
Beyond Veggie is a meatless concept from Secret Recipe Cakes & Café Group.
All fresh and natural products under strict selection with no preservative and no coloring.

Beyond Veggie is all about Healthy & Delicious!

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian Cheese - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! #iblogmyway

No idea where to lunch or dinner around Bayan Lepas area?
This is exactly our top most common question - "Go where eat?", right?
It's not that there's nothing around, just don't feel like going back the same shop again and again.
Well, thankfully, the area here is blooming with more and more new restaurant.
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is definitely one that you MUST try.

As we arrived around 5.30pm after work, there's still a promotion going on.
Dine-in a slice of cake and get a cup of drink for free promotion! 
So we chose the only cake that left - Vegetarian Cheese!

Yes, Beyond Veggie cake sold out very fast!

I got to know that the new batch of cakes coming in on every Tuesday & Friday.

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe : Vegetarian Cheese - RM7.50 #iblogmyway
Trust me, this is one of the best cheese cake I have ever had! 
Smooth and melts in your mouth literally!
With the aroma of cookie crumb, which I believe should be oat cookie crumbs,
it taste heavenly!
And somehow I think this is better than normal Secret Recipe Cheesecake! =X

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
You can tell from her facial expression, she loves it too! #iblogmyway
Besides the cake as appetizer, we order some other meals too.
You would be surprised by the extensive menu from Beyond Veggie.
We were not planning for anything heavy, so some salads would do.

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe : Caesar's Salad - RM8.90 #iblogmyway
 It wasn't too bad but just not to my liking due to the sourish dressing.
Same like most of the girls, darling like the sourness from the vinegar and lemon juice.
Despite that, it is still one good salad with fresh crunchy lettuce.

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe : Potato Salad - RM8.90 #iblogmyway
This is another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED salad!
Apart from the pretty food presentation, the mashed potatoes is delicious!
I was so impressed with the savory mashed potatoes, 
which is smooth yet with some bits of potatoes,
and.... tiny strips of crunchy carrots and cucumbers for the contrasting texture!
Absolutely delectable!

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe #iblogmyway
The environment in Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is quite comfy and spacious too.
One of the wall even covered with lush greenery depicting to their theme - veggie!
Personally, especially as a non-vegetarian, healthy and yummy seldom come together.
Other than Sushi Kitchen that I posted before, Beyond Veggie is truly another MUST-TRY.

Beyond Veggie Penang Outlet Vegetarian Food
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe #iblogmyway
Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is located at Elite Avenue, near to Pantai Hospital.
It is not hard to find with the sharp color of their signboard from the roadside.
Same row with Destiny Electronic Centre which facing Sunway Tunas housing area.

No 1-1-29, Elite Avenue,
Jalan Mayang Pasir 3,

Tel: 04-611 1199

Let's go eat healthy!

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  1. The food looks awesome!! I like it!

  2. waa you made me ogling on your pics haha! thanks for your comment btw, and yes I actually start my carreer as a fine art artist! hahaa

    1. haha that's my purpose! =p
      wow cool keep it up artist! =D

  3. 你的部落格做得很不错咧。

    1. 谢谢!=D

  4. The food looks really nice.. I have tried it in KL and it's a THUMBS UP even for the eggless cake ! :D

    1. yup surely they are! so good KL got all the nice food outlet and took them a while to finally come to penang. haha

  5. looks wonderfully DELICIOUS! and healthy too.. i haven't tried the singapore outlet yet but the food looks better in penang hehe

    1. hehe i believe it should be the same as they got the centralized factory, while these outlets just get delivery from them. =D

  6. The vegetarian cake looks like leopard cake somehow. Hahaha... Happy New Year to you, Henry!

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